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First-Class Motorcycle Towing in North York

Towing King Specializes in Motorcycle Towing Services

North York bikers need never worry about needing a tow again! Towing King, a well-known, dependable local tow company is here to make sure that the bikers in town can are well taken care of when necessary.  Towing King is a North York company that believes in taking care of its own.  We love working with the local community and with our track record we can tell that the feeling is mutual.

Towing King works around the clock, every single day of the year to ensure that we are there to help you whenever it is that you need us.  Whether you need us during the wee hours of the morning, or on a holiday we will be ready and waiting. And, the best thing is that we promise a thirty minute arrival time to all calls, so you won’t be waiting long!

For more info on our motorcycle towing services call (647) 794-3583

Service with a Smile

Motorcycle towing is only one of the many different services that our team excels in providing. The secret to the Towing King team’s excellence is their passion.  Our operators love their jobs, whether it’s helping our customers with locksmith services or motorcycle towing, you will always find them with a smile on their faces and ready to help out in any way they can.

The Towing King Team

The team has years of experience with motorcycle towing between them. All of our operators are highly experienced and have undergone the appropriate training and hold the proper certification.  Their impressive professionalism, experience and dedication to quality is apparent to all. At Towing King customer satisfaction is without a doubt our number one priority.  We aim for 100% customer satisfaction!

This is what makes our team excellent.  They are not satisfied with being good at what they do, they strive for greatness.  Between calls you will always find the team learning about new towing techniques, retraining or making sure that the trucks are in perfect working order.

Let Us Help You with Your Bike

Motorcycles usually need towing more than cars do and that’s why it is always good to know a professional team that can help you when you need to move your bike.

Some of the reasons that bikes need to be towed, not including accidents and break-downs are: owners that are moving and have a car and a bike usually prefer to have the bike towed over the long distance; off road bikes often need to be towed to tracks; new bikes need to be towed to their new homes – and all of these have to be done by someone reliable. That’s where we come into the picture.

Our love for motorcycles means that we will take great care of your bike.  We treat all bikes in our care as if they are our own and make sure they get to their destination promptly and in perfect condition.

For our motorcycle towing services call (647) 794-3583